Two pins with wire-chain stopper

WK Hydraulics can also supply a version featuring two pins, equipped with rotating flippers, which can be combined with a wire-chain stopper (Shark-jaws) if required. As a result of the pin design, the flippers automatically move amidships (to a closed position) at the end of their stroke, which allows the wire/chain to close up completely. The capacity of the towing pins, with a stroke of 400mm, is also 60 tons. This system is currently being developed to cope with a bollard pull of 100 tons and a larger stroke. The wire-chain-stoppers have a Safe Working Load (SWL) of minimum 60 tons, and are suitable for both steel wire and chains. The stoppers supplied by WK Hydraulics are equipped with interchangeable inserts of hardened steel, and can be supplied for this system for steel wire or (dam) chain up to 65mm.

These towing pins are also installed in a closed box, which can be
entirely welded in the structure of the vessel. A drain connection
is provided. Owing to the harsh conditions on the working deck,
the pins and stopper are equipped with an appropriate number of
lubricating puts to allow for effective lubrication, corrosion protection
and sealing. An automatic lubrication system is optional.
This allows for low-maintenance use of the system.