Winches can be used for a wide range of purposes, in particular in the shipbuilding and offshore industries.
After many years of working with leading manufacturers of winches, WK Hydraulics is able to design and supply complete solutions. WK Hydraulics works in close cooperation with the winch manufacturer to develop a drive concept, after which WK Hydraulics builds and tests the power pack in its own production facility. When developing ‘state of the art’ control and automation systems, we maintain partnerships with specialists in the field.

Taking this approach puts ’closed system’ responsibility within grasp, and helps to reassure the client.

The availability of Constant Tensioning (CT) is a must in a number of areas in which winches are used. WK Hydraulics has amassed a great deal of experience with these systems, and consequently, possesses the expertise required to design and produce solutions that offer the highest degree of reliability.

WK Hydraulics holds considerable experience in drives systems for:

  • Towing winches ('single drum', 'side-by-side' and 'waterfall').
  • CT-winches.
  • Mooring winches.
  • Tugger winches.
  • Anchor winches.
  • Winches for push barges.